Natalie Kerr

Natalie Kerr

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Natalie Kerr is a trained business and mindset coached and Master NLP Practitioner based in York, she lives with her husband and has three gorgeous children. Natalie is also a Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Positive Psychologist, Life Coach, Divorce & Breakup Coach and is currently training in co-dependency, narcissist abuse and trauma.

Having so many amazing talents under her belt, from Interior design, Home styling to Make Up Artist and Beauty therapist, and online business management, there’s not much Natalie can’t do when she puts her mind to it. Serial Entrepreneur? Yes, maybe, but Natalie never stops growing. Turning each business idea into extremely successful businesses with substantial incomes. With that being said, even though she has enjoyed all her ventures something just didn’t ‘feel right’. Natalie said ‘something was missing, that feeling of passion that lights you up and ignites the fire when you think about it just wasn’t there, when you know you know! Do you ever hear that voice in your head that tells you ‘you are worth so much more and are meant to do great things on this Planet??’” Natalie continued to say “When I look back, I am so grateful for each venture. They each provided me with new challenges, and unique experiences, which have got me where I am now. For the first time in my entire life, I feel like I am doing something that I am meant to be doing.

The best thing for me? I can be present with my children, I can be there for their events, their School Plays. When they are unwell, I don’t need to ask for permission to take care of them. They need their Mum, and I can be there for them, without question. And that is a GREAT feeling”.

Natalie works with female entrepreneurs to help them build 6, multi six and seven figure businesses and is extremely talented in helping them shift through all that negative self-talk, those awful past experiences, the trauma, anxiety and failures you’ve been through. After going through her own traumas including failed marriages, inner child wounds, toxic relationships, co-dependency and a broke single mum, Natalie truly ‘gets you!’  

Natalie said “I can sympathise with you in with empathy and support.

Our Edited in Chief Robyn met Natalie over three years ago while on a Personal Branding Photoshoot in Leeds, Robyn said, “We just clicked! We were both quite nervous as we’d only chatted over the phone. Natalie had won a competition for a Personal Branding Shoot I was running for my Photography business. It was, and still is one of the most memorable photo shoot I’ve ever done” Robyn said “We laughed from start to finished, I left Leeds feeling I’d made a friend for life and from then on we’ve always kept in touch”.

Robyn continued to say “Natalie has always been aware of my dream of opening a Wellbeing Lifestyle Magazine and, has also always been aware of my huge self-confidence issues, so when the time came that I acknowledge that the self-doubt was well and truly kicking in and building distance between my dream and myself I knew the only person who could really kick me up the arse was Natalie, I am so grateful for the continued support this amazing woman has and still is giving me.”

We at NAHOA Magazine wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for the help and support from Natalie. Robyn said “if it wasn’t for Natalie, NAHOA Magazine would be still sat nicely in a Notepad with a hidden Facebook page that no one could access and launch date of the end of 2021 (at a push). Natalie has helped me believe in myself so much over the last few months while growing my confidence and believing in the magazine. I owe so much to her and there is still so much for me to learn on my journey. I love that Natalie ‘Gets me’ and understand all my craziness, she keeps my feet firmly on the ground while keeping me motivated and keeps that excitement alight”.

If you feel Natalie could help you please take a look at her website: she is simple incredible.

Insta: @nataliekerr_bizz

Natalie Kerr Quote:

“Pay attention to that voice… what you have to do, until the universe finally says YES this is it… you are on the right path.”

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