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Laura Bartlett is the awarding winning founding editor and publisher of the global, luxury travel and lifestyle magazine House of Coco, that was established in 2015.

As child, Laura loved to read, her head always stuck in a book or magazine her love of print began.

Laura said: “Getting engrossed in a magazine really encouraged ‘me’ time, and right now, with all the noise that goes on in the world, we all need a little more of that.”

At the age of 19 Laura landed her first Job at Radio Aire, in Leeds. It was here, while attending an awards ceremony, that her love of media grew. She knew this was the world she wanted to create a place for herself in .


Hell, it was frowned upon for a woman to earn her own wage! Flash forward, women scream ‘POW!’ And, now, an independent woman is deemed attractive, but how does it make her feel? (more)

We all have them days where it’s impossible to really feel yourself, to be in the element where you look in the mirror and say: “Damn, I feel so sexy!”. But are there more bad days than good in your own body positivity journey? (more)

home life balance

For starters we no longer have to add travel time to our daily routine. Now we can open our mail at 10am when it hits our door mat rather than at 6.30pm when we walk in the door and most importantly, we never miss a delivery! (more)


So, I set upon my business adventure, I had always wanted to be my own boss but never dreamed it would become what it has. There were no fancy plans or tactics. When I started, it was just me with a few bits of cleaning equipment and a car. (more)

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