Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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Founder and CEO of House of Coco – Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett is the awarding winning founding editor and publisher of the global, luxury travel and lifestyle magazine House of Coco, that was established in 2015.

As child, Laura loved to read, her head always stuck in a book or magazine her love of print began.

Laura said: “Getting engrossed in a magazine really encouraged ‘me’ time, and right now, with all the noise that goes on in the world, we all need a little more of that.”

At the age of 19 Laura landed her first Job at Radio Aire, in Leeds. It was here, while attending an awards ceremony, that her love of media grew. She knew this was the world she wanted to create a place for herself in .

Laura’s first magazine, Urban Coco, started out not long after starting at the radio station. It was just as a hobby at first. Laura enjoyed creating content for her online magazine and building on her childhood passion. Within the first year she had built enough connections and content that it flourished into the world of print.

As Urban Coco encroached into her working day, Laura knew the time was right to take the leap into the entrepreneurial world.

At just 23, the Leeds publicist quit her well paid full-time job to focus solely on Urban Coco. With no income or investments, she started wiith just the love and passion inside and the solid support from family and friends.

Urban Coco began to build more and more, more connections and more collaborations with other top brands the Mag was flying.

At the age of 25 Laura braved the television world and appeared on Dragons Den with the intention of seeking a £100,000 investment.

Laura said: “After building up Urban Coco into a successful monthly lifestyle magazine I felt ready to step it up a level and expand internationally.”

But, in front of millions of viewers, Dragon Peter Jones crushed Laura’s dream, saying that Urban Coco looked more like a college project and that she was crazy to focus on print when clearly the world was moving digital.

As much as this was a financial and emotional setback for Laura, nothing was going to stop her.

More determined than ever, Laura was determined to make a comeback with a bang and rise from the ashes.

After only a few weeks Laura had secured strong advertisers and went on to sell her magazine in 16 countries, where it sold out worldwide.

Unfortunately, after a huge success Urban Coco fell on a bad investment and a wrong path in a partnership, and was forced into liquidation. Laura was left bankrupt.

“I was heartbroken,” she said. “But I kept my head up and decided to take a break from the industry and re-evaluate everything. It wasn’t going to be the end, I just needed some time. I was coming back with a vengeance.”

Shortly after Laura decided to rebrand bigger and better and House of Coco was born.

Still having the love and passion, Laura now had a lot more cutthroat industry experience. Driven more than ever now, she was well and truly going to show the world that she could make it.

Five years on Laura runs an award-winning magazine which can be found in stores such as Selfridges and Harrods, as well selling around the being a sell-out worldwide. There has also been 90,000 downloads in the app store, and House of Coco us the second best-selling magazine on

Inspirational? Hell yes.

Our editor-in-chief Robyn crossed paths with Laura through a social media platform a couple of years ago.

Robyn said:  “I followed Laura’s story, and I’ve watched her grow over the last couple of years, Laura’s determination and empowerment blew me away.

 “With a similar background I felt I could really connect with her. Laura’s story gave me the boost I needed to put plans in place for NAHOA.”

Robyn reached out to Laura,  just to ‘pick her brains’ about a total new star- up.

“Laura instantly got back to me and we arrange a zoom the following week, I instantly felt at ease and I honestly could have chatted all day,” said Robyn.

“Since then the support, encouragement, direction and the little pushes has helped NAHOA develop massively. I owe so much to her and I’m loving her new #TeamCocoGang program. Make sure you check it out @teamcocogang”

Alongside with running her successful magazine, Laura is a huge advocate for selfcare and mindfulness. She doesn’t watch television, writes a daily gratitude diary and reads a new book every week. We just love it!!

Laura’s Quote:

“You can’t make a come back if you’ve not been anywhere”

Take a look at House of Coco here link to page and insta