Home Life Balance

home life balance

There are of course some benefits to working from home. For starters we no longer have to add travel time to our daily routine. Now we can open our mail at 10am when it hits our door mat rather than at 6.30pm when we walk in the door and most importantly, we never miss a delivery! What this means however is that everything has merged. Where we did have clear lines between work and home life, now it’s all blended into one. Add to that homeschooling and we now have a family of four consisting of a 9 year old, a 15 year old and a mum and dad who both work full time and are now full time teachers, all living under the same roof 24/7.

We have had some really trying days in our household, fraught with emotion from either one or all of us! 

So how do you keep on top of everything during these times, I hear you ask?

Firstly, let me reassure you that you are doing an amazing job AND that you are not expected to breeze through these changes without any bumps in the road. As grown ups, we are terribly hard on ourselves. We expect to just know what to do, all of the time, even when everything around us now looks different to what it did.

If it feels as though it’s all too much and you are struggling with the weight of everything, the first step you need to take is to tell yourself the following ‘I am taking responsibility’ ‘I am going to take control of the things that I can control’. You may have heard these statements before but I’d like to add some context to them so that they become a personal action for you…

When it comes to managing the work/life balance the key to making changes is not just about allocating time to those two areas it’s about looking at your wellbeing as a whole and allocating time to all aspects of life.

Start by asking yourself these questions with these areas in mind:

Am I allocating my time and or energy evenly? (relative to working hours of course)

Are there any areas that I’m neglecting?

Are there any areas that I am channeling all my focus on?

Can I add something new to my routine? (If any areas are currently being neglected start by introducing it with just 5 minutes a day)

What do I need to put in place to even out the balance?

The idea is to create the ideal % split and then access it each week and allow for flexibility. This helps you to recognise where your attention has been and make changes if necessary to balance it out.

It also helps you to recognise why some areas have perhaps been neglected that week.

Life will always predict some of how we allocate our time and that’s OK. What’s important is that you feel that you have some control over your own wellbeing and that is a great place to start.