Hayley Koseoglu – iekos



Hayley Koseoglu is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, business owner, and business consultant.

She started her first business fresh out of college at the age of just 18.

She says: “I left a full-time position in a large organisation as I felt undervalued, like a number. I was working so hard to make a difference, but all suggestions fell on deaf ears. Managers were more interested in their internal politics than actually improving things. The final straw came when I applied for a training programme and was told that I couldn’t do it because I was too young!

So, I set upon my business adventure, I had always wanted to be my own boss but never dreamed it would become what it has. There were no fancy plans or tactics. When I started, it was just me with a few bits of cleaning equipment and a car.  The business took off and within four months I had enough work to start taking on employees. For the first four years it grew very gradually, and I was learning as I went along but always felt like I was treading water and couldn’t move forward.

Running the business had taken over my life and I was juggling too much. I was working so hard and in areas of the business that I didn’t enjoy, the whole thing just became too overwhelming and I didn’t want to carry on with the daily fire fight. Then a death in the family made me stop and look at life and business with a different perspective. I shifted my focus and made some big changes.

I set tangible goals based on a practical strategy and I implemented some new systems and improved the efficiency of the business overall. This meant I was able to put a team in to run the business for me. By the age of 26 I was out of the day to day running and the business was working for me!”

However, effectively making herself redundant she lost her sense of purpose. To occupy herself she came up with a way of helping other business owners work through their own struggles.

Now, she owns iekos. – a professional coaching business focused on improving, changing, and growing businesses.

She tells us: “I found a new purpose and passion for helping businesses who have found themselves stuck and can’t see a way forward. So, I developed a business improvement system which helps service-led businesses to change their perspective on their business, improve it and make it work for them, whatever that looks like.  Everyone has their own version of success: for some it’s money and material objects, for others it’s family, happiness and balance… for some it’s both of these combined.  To be honest, it doesn’t matter what you want, what matters is what you are doing to make it happen.”

And she’s loving every minute of it. “The transformations I have been a part of have been huge, it is amazing to be able to play a part in helping people bring their vision to reality.”

Hayley’s business coaching is available at www.iekos.co.uk