Crystals and their benefits

Have you ever stopped to look at the shiny, colourful stones that have drawn you in through a shop window? Crystals, quite literally, have the power to do that to you, and, wow, what a life-changing experience you can endure!

There are endless amounts of crystals full of amazing benefits waiting for you to discover. And beginning your crystal journey is easy; simply let yourself drift closely to the one that’s calling your name…

The greatest thing about crystals is their power. They hold healing holistic energy, creating a natural therapy to help relieve blocked energy within the mind, body and soul – and, particularly, your chakras.

 Due to these amazing abilities, the best way to pick your crystals is to let your subconscious chose them for you. It could be anything – the colour, the shape, the sparkle, the size. Once you’ve chosen one – or several! – it is time to discover how they can change your life.  

Perhaps you are lacking confidence and are feeling rather nervous about an upcoming presentation at work. Or maybe you’re worried about the blood test results due in the next few days. Or you fear your depression has resurfaced, and each day is a challenge rather than an adventure. There are thousands of crystals available to you, helping you recover from any problem you may encounter throughout your magnificent life journey.

If you’re new to the crystal and holistic journey – don’t worry! There is a lot to learn and discover and starting is pretty easy. Here are some popular crystals to give you an idea of what is out there and how they can help you improve your life!

Amethyst –If you’re a February baby, you may recognise this crystal, as this is your birth stone! Among representing this cold, but beautiful, month, Amethyst has tons of amazing benefits. It’s main benefit is ridding all negative energies – which includes relieving stress and bringing your mind to a soft peaceful place of mindfulness, encouraging motivation to flow through your body, helping you achieve your goals, even if it’s cleaning the pots! It can also soothe addictions, aiding with compelling thoughts that may bother you, alongside any anger or fears that may have been bothering you. It can also help improve your psychic abilities and connect you to your spirituality, so if you’re knew to this journey or have felt out of touch with the universe, Amethyst may help you with this process. To take full advantage of Amethyst, place your crystal on your crown chakra during meditation, and placed up high in the centre of a room.

Rose Quartz ­– Possibly one of the most common crystals out there. The Rose Quartz’s pale pink is gorgeous, reflecting its most beautiful healing power of gaining self-love. With its calming and loving abilities, it can help you feel more at peace and have a better understanding of the things surrounding you. It can fill you with compassion and radiates you with kindness wherever you go. This crystal is, overall, an emotional healing property, so it may be the best one to pick up if you’re beginning an emotional balance journey! The best way to make full use of your Rose Quartz is to wear it as jewellery – around your neck, your wrist or perhaps on your finger! This way it will always be with you, healing you throughout your adventures. At home, either place under your pillow to enhance its use as you sleep or place it in the centre of your home.

Citrine – This yellow healing crystal can help you in all sorts of areas in your life. It works well with the Rose Quartz as it can also enhance self-esteem, joy and enthusiasm – the key to a happy life! Along with empowering your concentration and your intellect, it encourages your creativity and motivation to surface, helping you achieve your dreams and goals, as it releases any negative, fearful and sad thoughts. We’ve all been in that situation when finding the will to get the job done becomes rather tricky, so perhaps Citrine can help you keep on top of your work! Citrine is perfect for manifesting what you deeply desire, filling you with an abundance of whatever you have been wishing for. Physically, it can help you with digestion and diabetes, and it purifies the blood circulating your body. Citrine can, again, be used as jewellery to attract whatever it is you need or want, or can be particularly beneficial when placed on your crown or root chakra.

Moonstone – who says New Year is the only time for a new you?! If, at any point in the year, you feel you are ready for a change or a new beginning, the Moonstone crystal is perfect for you! And, yes, this crystal is linked to the moon, which is when it is at its most effective state. It can help with stability during over-stressful situations and is particularly beneficial for those who may struggle with intense moments of anger, promoting emotional balance. This stone has great physical healing abilities, particularly for balancing menstruation cycles and aiding with child birth, and it can also help with fertility. This stone is known to bring out your feminine side, so make sure you take full advantage by styling it into your everyday outfit! Moonstone can also help with insomnia and sleepwalking, relaxing your overacting brain and allowing you to drift to sleep easier. That being said, keep moonstone in your bed at night, under your pillow to help with your snooze time, or place on your third eye chakra to connect with your intuition which will guide to where you desire…